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The Central Steuben Chamber of Commerce is proud to present it’s line up for the 2017 Music in the Park Concert Series! There will be shows in Bath… performed in Pulteney Park. There are also dates in Avoca and Savona (scroll down for those schedules)

Bath Dates


town_pants_full_bandWith a decades worth of headlining Roots and Celtic festivals to selling out nights at rock venues The Town Pants own brand of Celtic roots rock rebel spans five albums so far, backed up with a legendary live show that’s garnered them fans internationally from New York to Norway.

And while The Pacific Northwest may not be the first place you would expect to hear rollicking Celtic roots music, but The Town Pants are determined to change that. The Vancouver,Canada based band combines aspects of Irish traditional, folk rock and roots Americana, fusing their signature dual lead vocals to create their own unique brand of high energy “West Coast Celtic.” that remains in the heart and head long after the music stops. There are lots of Celtic folk rock bands out there, but rarely does a band has this combination of passion, energy, animation and spirit that makes for some of the most imaginative songwriting you’ll find in the genre.

With performances in hundreds of cities and over a dozen countries, The Town Pants have become a consistent audience favorite at Celtic, Folk, World, Irish and even Rock festivals throughout the United States, Canada and in Europe.



Southern Exit is a Four Piece- High Energy band from the Elmira/Corning/Bath, New York area. Southern Exit performs throughout New York State and Pennsylvania, showcasing their four part harmonies and their ability to keep a crowd entertained. With a repertoire of original tunes, Rock & Roll hits from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s, Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Hot New Modern Country and Classic Country; Southern Exit’s sure to please nearly any type of crowd. The band has had the honor of performing alongside Nationally Syndicated Country Music Radio Personality-The Con-Man as well as being the feature artist on Country 106.9 out of Ithaca, New York. Southern Exit has had the privilege of opening shows for Country Music Recording Artists such as Martina McBride and Joe Diffie (with Bryan Rice and Eric Machuga, of course) and have finished with high honors in Country Music Band Battles such as The Colgate/Jimmy Dean Country Showdown. The band was also the spokesband for Just Country Western Wear and have performed large venues at the Grand Canyon and so many other great places. You can usually catch Southern Exit playing clubs throughout NYS and Pennsylvania.


July 19th~ RUST


RUST are a classic rock cover band from the Southern Tier of New York State. Consisting of veteran, professional players that have been a part of the areas’ music scene since the 70s, RUST has spent the past several years refining thier setlist and sound to become the premier classic rock band in the area.
The band has chosen songs that have influenced their generation, and have continued to do so until now. From Rush to Aerosmith, Led Zepplin to Boston , the setlist contains familiar songs, and some that are very seldom covered.
Regardless, RUST respectfully plays each song as their own, and gives everyone in the room an invitation to have a great time and revisit THE BEST ERA of ROCK MUSIC.

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July 26th ~ SAM PALLET

sam-pallet-bandMike Giannone and his cast of characters bring 30+ years of professionalism to the stage as arguably the area’s most recognizable band. Guaranteed to bring you fun, sing-a-long songs that will have you dancing all night!

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August 2nd ~ Beatlemania Again

beatlemania againBEATLEMANIA AGAIN, relives the music, the magic and the mania of
The Beatles live on stage. The show chronologically traces The Beatles career from their
debut on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, to their psychedelic era and the release of the
mind blowing “Sgt. Pepper” album, to their last -ever live concert on the rooftop of Apple
records in 1969.
BEATLEMANIA AGAIN takes audiences on a musical journey back in time featuring
over 30 of The Beatles greatest hits performed live on stage. In addition, the show
features 3 amazing costume changes throughout the performance as well. To add to the
authenticity, BEATLEMANIA AGAIN uses the same musical instruments that the
Beatles used in the 1960’s such as Hofner Bass Guitars, Rickenbacker Guitars, Gretsch
Guitars, Vox Amplifiers and Black Oyster Pearl Ludwig Drums.
The show has excited audiences throughout the United States and Canada, and has shared
the stage with highly talented artists such as BJ Thomas, The Grass Roots, The Lovin
Spoonful, Chubby Checker and many more!

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Ampersand ProjectThe Ampersand Project is an Acoustic Duo featuring Paul Thompson (drummer – Wendy Owens & Renegade, Bad Dog) and Jeremy James (vocalist – Meads Creek). They will be covering tunes from the rock, pop, and country genres.

Performing songs that utilize Thompson’s knowledge of various musical instruments, alongside James’ heart-filled vocal style, the Ampersand boys want to add to the popular local music scene; hopefully with something familiar, but yet very different all the same.

As the sole vocalist, James will also be accompanied by, and rooted with, his rhythm guitar. Thompson, however, will be providing some great dynamic flair to their act as he varies his position around the stage for different songs. Playing not only a multitude of percussive instruments, Thompson will also be found seated behind a keyboard and at other times be heard picking on an acoustic guitar.

This during-set, ‘musical chairs’ change-up rotation is something that The Ampersand Project hopes will be a ‘cool little niche’ to give locals a different vibe and a new-taste selection for their live music entertainment options.

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July 25th ~ Rockhouse Riot


RockHouse Riot Rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of Rock & Roll, dating to the mid 1950’s. It’s a blend of Country & Western and Rhythm & Blues that pointed the way to classic rock ‘n’ roll. Call it what you want, but RockHouse Riot calls it the best music to ever grace the air-waves! RockHouse Riot is made up of a group of friends and all experienced musicians that are committed to keeping this music alive while staying true to the roots and giving it our own feel.

Based out of Rochester, They play all over Western New York, Including: Buffalo Motorama, Syracuse Nationals, Finger Lakes Gaming and Casino, Dinosaur BBQ, Sticky Lips


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Savona Date

July 6th ~ Virgil Cain

Virgil CainIt all started at the age of 5 with violin lessons in kindergarten. Age 13 came around and he discovered the
electric guitar. Listening to guitarists such as Eddie Van Halen, Eric Johnson, Jimmy Page, Virgil found his way
to playing guitar in original/cover bands in the 90’s. He began playing piano and keyboard parts on
recorded songs too. After one of the bands “disbanded”, Virgil played piano and acoustic guitar in local
coffeehouses, singing stripped down versions of originals and original renditions of many songs. The solo
show developed with influences from Billy Joel/Elton John/Coldplay on piano to Paul Simon/Dave
Matthews/John Mayer on guitar. With a passion for evolving a show, he discovered new technologies. Digital
looping and sequencing created a full band sound from one musician. Songs would be built up live with
guitars, keyboards and electric violin parts built on top of each other. It’s this “one man band” aspect of
his performance that fascinates audiences whenever he plays and accounts for a good portion of what
makes his show worth seeing. His stage presence, showmanship, appearance, and an easy ability to connect
with an audience makes up another portion. But, it’s Virgil’s talent as a musician, above all else, that garners
the respect & admiration of an audience and rounds out the full package.

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